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Composite Dental Fillings Fair Haven VT

Composite dental fillings are tooth-colored resin material that restore decayed teeth. They can also be used for cosmetic reasons by changing a tooth’s color and shape. Composite dental fillings are the best solution because they do not darken over time. Silver fillings, or amalgam, usually darkens and can leave a patient feeling insecure about their smile. Fortunately, composite resin material also corrects these dark fillings to restore the tooth and your confidence. Preserve your smile today with composite dental fillings.

composite dental fillings Fair Haven VT

How is a composite dental filling applied?

The composite resin material is applied in layers and hardened with a special light. Once the material has hardened, we shape the new filling to appear natural and fit the tooth correctly. We then polish the composite filling and add a plastic coating for better stain-resistance.

How much does composite dental fillings costs?

Dental work varies for each patient and so does the cost. Composite dental fillings are no different. They can vary in price. Schedule a consultation today. We can review your dental insurance coverage, if applicable, and discuss cost.

Why should I consider composite dental fillings?

Composite dental fillings are preferred by patients because they are aesthetically pleasing. Your filling is color matched to your natural tooth. This leaves your smile looking seamless and flawless while preserving the tooth. Overall, dental fillings are performed to prevent tooth loss. It is more costly to replace a tooth. So, call us today for an examination.

What should I expect after I have this procedure?

Some patients may notice tooth sensitivity for a couple of days. Use over-the-counter pain relief medicine to help.

How can I prevent tooth decay?

Preventing tooth decay should always be the main objective. Avoid it by maintaining good oral hygiene. The better you care for your teeth, the less likely you will have tooth decay.

Schedule a consultation today!

An examination will determine dental issues like tooth decay. Contact us today. Early detection is the best approach to avoid tooth loss and other dental issues. Every patient is unique and so should their dental solutions. Let us customize a plan that works. Call (802) 265-3604 or book online.