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Dentist Fair Haven VT | Stay proactive about your oral health with a dental exam. Knowing your current oral health condition helps to correct issues and prevent new ones from forming. During a dental examination, we will check your mouth, face, and neck for abnormalities. This may include X-rays to better understand your dental needs. Also, we will ask questions regarding your diet and oral hygiene routine. Dental examinations not only improve your oral health but can help with your overall health as well. Detecting oral health issues early on, saves time and money on additional dental work that can easily be avoided.

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When should I have a dental exam?

Dental examinations are usually performed every 6 months. Some patients may need more examinations based on their unique situation. Patients that no longer have natural teeth are still recommended to have dental examinations. Teeth replacements need to be evaluated along with your oral health.

Why do you need to take dental X-rays?

A dental exam can require dental X-rays. These images offer detailed information about your mouth. Based on the X-rays, we can narrow your dental needs to help you attain the best results. There are four types of X-rays that can be performed.

Bitewing - Bitewing focuses on the upper and lower crowns.
Periapical - Allows us to see the entire tooth and bone.
Occlusal - This X-ray shows the patient’s jaw alignment.
Panoramic - Panoramic X-rays displays the broadest image of the entire mouth.

Start your path to better dental care with a dental exam!

Contact us today about your dental needs. We will schedule your dental examination and begin narrowing your best solutions. Also, be sure to ask us questions. A discussion about your oral health is our main objective. Call (802) 265-3604 or book online now!

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