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Dental Bridge Fair Haven VT

A dental bridge offers teeth replacement for one or more adjacent teeth. The bridge is made of a dental crown on each end with a pontic tooth in the middle. This teeth replacement option improves chewing and speaking. Some patients may be motivated to replace their teeth for esthetic reasons but teeth replacement, like bridges, protects your oral health. Missing teeth leave the mouth susceptible to tooth decay, gum disease, and teeth shifting. Patients should replace missing teeth as soon as it occurs because the jawbone becomes affected as well. It shrinks under the affected area due to tooth loss. Patients who have lost teeth for a long period may notice sunken cheeks due to a jawbone loss. Let’s protect your smile by replacing missing teeth today. Contact our Fair Haven dental office to schedule a consultation for a dental bridge.

How is a dental bridge applied?

A dental bridge can use adjacent, existing teeth or dental implants for attachment. If existing teeth are used, we will shape them to fit the dental crown. Whereas dental implants use an abutment to hold the dental crowns in place. Once the bridge is ready to be placed, we use cement and adjust the bridge accordingly.

How long can dental bridges last?

They can last 5 to 15 years. Proper care will help to extend their lifespan.

How should I care for my new teeth?

Dental bridges need regular dental maintenance. Brush twice a day and floss daily. Be sure to visit us for your routine dental exams and teeth cleaning. The better you care for your teeth, the more likely your bridge will last a long time.

Can I eat normally?

Dental bridges function as normal teeth but you should be cautious to avoid damaging them. Avoid hard food and candy. Refrain from biting on hard objects like pencils, pens, packaging, etc.

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